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The Ultimate Fighting Championship, better known as the UFC is the worlds premiere Mixed Martial Arts promotion company in the world, having absorbed rival promotion companies Pride, World Extreme Cagefighting, Strikeforce and EliteXC, also boasting the top tier athletes in the filed among its ranks. Based in the US, buy hosting events around the globe with more than three hundred events to date.

The Stare down!

The first event was held on November 12, 1993 with the intent of identifying the most effective martial art in a real fighting scenario between trained fighters of other disciplines. Later in the sport fighters began to adopt fighting techniques from other disciplines leading to the term used to describe the sport today MMA.

UFC rose to great heights in the early 2000’s with the introduction of The Ultimate Fighter and the legendary rivalry between Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell and Randy Couture, as well as many attitudes from The Ultimate Fighter being settled in the ring.

Upcoming Live UFC events include: UFC 189 Sat. July 11, 2015 Mendes VS. McGregor, Lawler VS. MacDonald, Bermudez VS. Stephens, Nelson VS. Thatch, and Pickett VS. Almeida, also featuring prelim bouts: Brown VS. Means, Swick VS. Garcia, Pendred VS. Howard, Garbrandt VS. Briones, and also Seery VS. Smolka, and Cedeno VS. Pfister as early perlim match ups.

With working president of UFC Dana White at the head of the company they’ve seemed to have a way more clean competition image than in the past, and also with the progression of the sport with many new and exciting stars every year. More recently the introduction of female MMA to the UFC and the break out champion Ronda Rousey.

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